Meet Our Bus Owner: Cassidi Jobe – Kansas City, MO

Hello, we are Cassidi and Phil Jobe, the owners of We Rock the Spectrum – Kansas City and now We Rock on Wheels – Kansas City! Our journey with special needs began with our two children, who are both on the autism spectrum. In trying to find them the proper resources they needed, we were taken down a path of looking for community-based facilities that allowed our children to play with their peers and have their unique sensory needs fulfilled, all while understanding the behaviors that come hand in hand with developmental disabilities.

After countless failed attempts to find an accepting environment, we went to work to obtain funding to build a sensory room in our home. In 2015, we finally received the funding and equipment the boys needed. However, it quickly became apparent that while the equipment itself was great, there were no opportunities for socialization. Our desire to find an inclusive environment that understood our children and allowed them to engage in play with their peers continued and ultimately led us to We Rock the Spectrum. We are beyond excited to bring this unique opportunity to so many deserving families in the greater Kansas City area.

Our goal is to provide a place where children with and without disabilities can engage in sensory based play in an environment where parents do not feel they need to explain or defend their child’s disability or behaviors.



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Phone: 816-844-9580