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Meet Our Bus Owners: The Boyd Family

Hi there!  We are John and Brandi Boyd!  We have three wonderfully unique sons named Xavier, Adam, and Ethan.  Our family loves to play, learn, and grow together. You can often find our house full of music and three (or four) active boys.  While each child is unique, they certainly love having built-in playmates.  We have found that our younger sons, Adam and Ethan, wanted to join in therapy with our eldest son, Xavier, on any day of the week. To them, it’s all playtime together.

You see, our eldest son, Xavier,  was diagnosed with autism and has speech delays, sensory processing issues, and social challenges.  It has proved challenging finding a place where all three of our boys can play together without judgment and/or overstimulation. For Xavier, many places are too loud, too bright, or too busy. The boys can be having a great time playing and laughing, but we often need to have an exit plan ready at any time. This leads to us deciding not to frequent lots of popular attractions. Xavier needs lots of sensory input every day of the week, many hours a day. He loves to interact with others, but has challenges due to his limited speech and social skills.

While planning a trip and researching autism resources in the Houston area, we stumbled upon We Rock the Spectrum in Katy. We were overjoyed to find a place where not only our three rambunctious boys could play comfortably in a nurturing sensory safe environment, but all children who entered could play alongside others of any ability.

Finally, a place where you never have to say I’m sorry!

We vowed to bring We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym to our area. We know that it will be a blessing not just to our little family but to many families seeking a great place for their kids to play and be themselves. Our family is thrilled to bring fun, inclusive play for kids all over the greater New Orleans area! Thanks for the warm We Rock On Wheels welcome.  Call us and let us bring the sensory play to you!

Our Calendar

Our Services & Prices

Birthday Parties

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate a kiddos birthday, reserving one of our We Rock on Wheels is just the way to do it! Our buses are a place where all kids can play together. Our experienced We Rock on Wheels owners will assist you with all your party planning needs. They will help figure out every detail including party favors, birthday cakes, games, music and more.

We offer three birthday party packages for a 2-hour minimum price. Each package accommodates up to 15 kids. Each additional child $10.

Rock Basic – $250

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive Special We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt

Rock Star – $350

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • We’ll Send Invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt and  Sensory Toy
  • Complimentary Party Bags & Favors

Rock Deluxe – $450

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • We’ll Send Invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt and  Sensory Toy
  • Complimentary Party Bags & Favors
  • We’ll Provide a Balloons and Streamers
  • Receive a Slideshow of Photos of the Celebration
  • Fun, Sensory-Friendly Arts & Crafts Project Included

Play Dates

Holding a Play Date is a great way to provide your child and close friends and family members with a unique and beneficial form of entertainment. For a minimum of $150 for one hour, we will come to you and provide your fill of sensory play.  This is a great option for special events that don’t require as much planning as our birthday party packages. We provide Play Dates for up to 10 kids. Each additional child is extra and prices vary per bus and location.

  • Minimum 1 hour
  • Up to 10 kids
  • $150 an hour

Private Events

Have a special event planned and looking for a way to make it even better? Hire one of our We Rock on Wheels to cater to your party! We will provide the best in entertainment and sensory play for all the kiddos needs. Children will be entertained for hours with our zip line, climbing structures, unique swings and more! Example events include carnivals, resource fairs, personal events, and more. Our event rentals are $150 an hour.

  • $150 an hour
  • Examples include resource fairs, carnivals, autism walks, etc


We partner with local camps for $150 an hour to provide them with resources that otherwise they would not have access to. No matter what kind of camp it is, people from all walks of life can benefit from receiving sensory play. We promote healthy environments for all kids to come together and grow. We also offer a discounted rate of $100 an hour if camps are booked more than 3 days a week.

Enrichment Programs

Do you work at a kindergarten, preschool, or day-care center? For $150 an hour, we will come to you to provide your kids with the sensory play they need to improve their fine and gross motor skills, motor ability, sequencing, and more. All of our pieces of equipment are designed to assist with a variety of developmental needs. Children will have fun playing on our bus while improving their life skills.

  • Children with special needs are limited to 15 children per hour.
  • $150/hr up to 15 kids. Each additional kid is $5 more per hour.
  • Discounted rate of $100 an hour if booked more than 3 days a week.

One-to-One Care

With One-to-One Care, we will come to your child to provide him or her with access to our sensory-safe equipment for $75 an hour. This service offers a level of intensive support with constant care, which requires a one-to-one ratio due to a child having behavioral or safety concerns. This is an option of in-home therapy for behavioral or occupational therapists who are looking for a unique environment to hold a session, or for parents who want to ensure their children receive the sensory-diet they need. 

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Phone: (504) 535 – 4ALL (4255)