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How Does the We Rock on Wheels Business Model Work?

With We Rock on Wheels the business model is what you make it. Work when you want, how you want, and where you want. You get all of the support and benefits of a large, international corporation at an affordable and convenient price.

Owners of We Rock on Wheels are supported not only by their corporate team, but also by the families and members of their community. Owners are able to provide an opportunity to children on the spectrum that otherwise would not exist. Because of the flexibility allowed with the We Rock the Spectrum Franchise, owners are able to provide their communities with unique classes, parties, camps and more. Some owners even offer programs with Occupational Therapists and/or Applied Behavior Analysis Therapists at their gym. With We Rock the Spectrum, we supply the infrastructure for success and leave the creativity and fun to you.

We Rock on Wheels Become an Owner

Why We Rock on Wheels Rocks:

  • Positive International Brand Reputation
  • Rapidly Growing Customer Base and Community Need
  • Hundreds of Partnerships in the Autism Community
  • Help Create and Participate in Child Enrichment Programs
  • Ample Access to Business Support, Marketing Resources, and Professional Services
  • Flexible Work Schedule

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