What We Do

We Rock on Wheels is an affordable, mobile version of the We Rock the Spectrum franchise that allows owners to serve families and communities regardless of their location. Each bus features sensory-safe equipment that helps children develop key motor skills, improve their sensory processing, and learn how to better communicate and play with others. With We Rock on Wheels, we bring the sensory play to you!

Our buses are designed for a variety of needs in mind. Not just when it comes to the types of play that children can participate in, but the types of events that will benefit from our services. This includes birthday parties, resource fairs, festivals, enrichment programs, and more!

We Rock on Wheels: 

  • Is an affordable version of We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym
  • Provides sensory play to communities and families who lack resources
  • Is designed for a variety of needs and events in mind

Please contact participating gyms for their pricing information. Each bus location’s services will vary and may not reflect the below offerings.

Each of our buses may feature the following sensory-safe services (please note each location will vary):

Birthday Parties

If you are looking for a great way to celebrate a kiddos birthday, reserving one of our We Rock on Wheels is just the way to do it! Our buses are a place where all kids can play together. Our experienced We Rock on Wheels owners will assist you with all your party planning needs. They will help figure out every detail including party favors, birthday cakes, games, music and more.

We offer three birthday party packages for a 2-hour minimum price. Each package accommodates up to 15 kids. Each additional child is subject to extra fees.

Rock Basic

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive Special We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt

Rock Star

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • We’ll Send Invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt and  Sensory Toy
  • Complimentary Party Bags & Favors

Rock Deluxe

  • 2-Hour Party
  • Full Use of We Rock on Wheels Bus & Equipment
  • We’ll Send Invitations and Thank You Cards
  • Birthday Boy/Girl will Receive We Rock the Spectrum T-Shirt and  Sensory Toy
  • Complimentary Party Bags & Favors
  • We’ll Provide a Balloons and Streamers
  • Receive a Slideshow of Photos of the Celebration
  • Fun, Sensory-Friendly Arts & Crafts Project Included

Play Dates

Holding a Play Date is a great way to provide your child and close friends and family members with a unique and beneficial form of entertainment. This is a great option for special events that don’t require as much planning as our birthday party packages. We provide Play Dates for up to 10 kids. Each additional child is extra and prices vary per bus and location.

  • If your playdate booking is within a 5-mile radius of the WRTS Corporate Office, a minimum of 1 hour is required to book
  • If your playdate booking is outside a 5-mile radius of the WRTS Corporate Office, a minimum of 2 hours is required to book

Private Events

Have a special event planned and looking for a way to make it even better? Hire one of our We Rock on Wheels to cater to your party! We will provide the best in entertainment and sensory play for all the kiddos needs. Children will be entertained for hours with our zip line, climbing structures, unique swings and more! Example events include carnivals, resource fairs, personal events, and more.

  • Up to 20 children, subject to additional fees for each additional child.
  • Examples include resource fairs, carnivals, autism walks, etc.


We partner with local camps to provide them with resources that otherwise they would not have access to. No matter what kind of camp it is, people from all walks of life can benefit from receiving sensory play. We promote healthy environments for all kids to come together and grow.

Enrichment Programs

Do you work at a kindergarten, preschool, or day-care center? We will come to you to provide your kids with the sensory play they need to improve their fine and gross motor skills, motor ability, sequencing, and more. All of our pieces of equipment are designed to assist with a variety of developmental needs. Children will have fun playing on our bus while improving their life skills.

  • Children with special needs are limited to 20 children per hour.
  • For up to 20 kids. Each additional kid is subject to additional fees.

One-to-One Care

With One-to-One Care, we will come to your child to provide him or her with access to our sensory-safe equipment. This service offers a level of intensive support with constant care, which requires a one-to-one ratio due to a child having behavioral or safety concerns. This is an option of in-home therapy for behavioral or occupational therapists who are looking for a unique environment to hold a session, or for parents who want to ensure their children receive the sensory-diet they need. 

What Parents Say

"BEST PLACE!… My kids go here every time school is out for winter or spring break. Dina is amazing, place is clean, she brings in all sorts of people to make it interesting for the kids. My kids love Coach K who show up all the time. All the mats are new and everything is kept tidy there. It is safe as Dina always has staff members watching the kids all the time. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kids Gym. And its across the street from CPK!.. U guys are great!…"

-- Ken and Monique F. – Tarzana

"We recently had my daughter’s 3rd birthday party at this gym and it was a blast! The staff was so helpful and professional. You could see the joy on all the kids faces all afternoon! My 6 year old attended the “camp” during the Thanksgiving holiday. One day was “rock ‘n roll” themed. She came home so musically inspired that she pulled out an old box of instruments and got her little sister and I to join her band! We spent the rest of the day creating our own rhythms in her bedroom!"

-- Kim W. – Woodland Hills

Dina, I wanted to thank you for opening your facility in Tarzana to our program and to our families. They had a great time! The families in our program have so few opportunities to experience places like yours and have the chance to interact with their child in a safe, positive environment. I look forward to having more events at your gyms in the future and being able to give more families the opportunity to have positive, fun interactions with their children, in addition to helping parents learn about various child development and relationship focused information.

-- Melissa Miller, LMFT

My hyper child and my younger child both LOVED this place. Clean, fun and is super equipped with sensory stimulation. Thanks DINA!!!

-- Jenny R. – Winnetka

This is a great new place to come and play with your kids! They have different equipment than what you can find in normal places, so it keeps my kids interested. Also, there is so much to do there, but the space is not too big, so it’s not overwhelming, and i can easily keep an eye on my little ones. I also love the arts and crafts corner in addition to all of the gym space. This place is really a gem. I also went to a birthday party here just a few weeks ago and I’ve never seen kids have as much fun at any other gym-type birthday. They were having an absolute blast! This is not just a gym for kids with special needs… it really is for everyone, and such a special place because of that! Very very cool new spot.

-- Danielle P. – Valley Glen

Just love this place!! it is not only a perfect environment for children on the spectrum, but also for regular kids who just want to have a fun time. My boy loves to be there and enjoy all it has to offer! Dina, the owner, is a wonderful person and really cares about children. Her personality can be seen throughout the gym and for me it is my “happy place.” Thank you for creating this magical space!

-- Anne M. – Valley Village

We love this place. My son is 5 and his dad feels like this is one of the few places they cay really play full-out INSIDE! The zip line, trampoline and crafts room are a huge hit with my son.

-- Deborah S. – North Hollywood

My son is almost 3 and has recently been diagnosed with autism. I am constantly looking for places to bring him that aren’t too crowded and that have things that he likes to do. ?We were greeted by the owner when we arrived and she was extremely warm, helpful and hospitable. She has a child on the spectrum- and she is passionate about the gym and how it helps kids with sensory issues,etc. It is really nice to talk to someone who loves what they are doing and are making a difference for kids like ours. The place has E V E R Y T H I N G.

-- Karen V. – Burbank

I absolutely can not say enough good things about Dina Kimmel and this wonderful place she has made for all the children!!! My son, who is 5, is constantly requesting to go to We Rock the Spectrum – It is above all (even Chuckie Cheese!) his favorite place. The staff is warm, helpful, knowledgeable, professional, fun and caring. Dina, (Owner) is so amazing as a person, that her passion and love for all is so reflect in the work she does. Guys, this is SO MUCH more than just a gym for kids. It is a healing center,.. a place to let go and be free, ..a place to be happy!

-- Shelley B. – Studio City

This place is amazing! My wife and I had been looking for a good place to bring our 4 year old son for a while and heard about “We Rock the Spectrum Kids Gym” from a good friend. Our son is on the Autism spectrum and we have had a hard time at some of the other places we have visited. We walked in, and the owner was very helpful. Our son warmed up to her right away – not something he usually does. He then had a great time on the various swings and the trampoline, even interacted with some of the other kids there. We will be heading back there again this weekend (maybe he will even try out the zip line this time), and hope to be bringing some more friends with. GREAT FIND!!!!!!

-- Jim M. – Tarzana

This place is a dream! I have 2 1/2 year old twins who are both on the spectrum. This place is perfect for them, they love it and ask to go to “the gym” Dina, the owner, knows my children by name and always gives them a warm greeting. So much to do, lots of fun! The weekly support group has been awesome for us to meet other parents for support and information.

-- Lisa K. – Porter Ranch