Frequently Asked Questions

We Rock on Wheels is an affordable, mobile version of the We Rock the Spectrum franchise that allows owners to serve families and communities regardless of their location. We provide sensory-safe play for children with autism, special needs, and neurotypical development. Each bus features sensory-safe equipment that helps children develop key motor skills, improve their sensory processing, and learn how to better communicate and play with others. The buses offer a variety of services that have been specifically designed for all kids to participate in, no matter their neurological development.

We Rock on Wheels provides many of the same resources that our We Rock the Spectrum kid’s gyms provide to the community in a more affordable option. If you’re located in an area with little foot traffic, the mobility that the bus provides is a benefit. By owning a We Rock on Wheels, you can bring the sensory fun play to anyone at any time.

Our franchise package is a one-stop shop for marketing, social media, and administrative support. We have the resources of an international franchise with the support of a loving family. With We Rock on Wheels you will be more than an entrepreneur, you will be a community advocate, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way.

As an owner, you will have full ability to create your own Corporate-approved classes, select your own prices, and offer your own unique equipment aside from the required pieces. We take pride in the unique strengths and opportunities each owner brings to their community, and work with you to highlight them so they become powerful assets.

If you’re interested in purchasing a We Rock on Wheels and joining the We Rock the Spectrum family, we encourage you to go to our Own A Bus page and fill out the inquiry form. Once completed, someone from our Corporate Office will reach out and contact you directly to discuss further.